A Busy Week 29/5/10

29th May 2010
Well, the coming bank holiday week is shaping up to be fairly busy for me, and hopefully there should be a nice crop of images to showcase on the website by next weekend. Of course, a lot will depend on the weather but these are my provisional plans.

As well as having a couple of commissions to complete I am hoping to get some more landscape images from around my local patch. I also have a specific trip into Derbyshire planned. Initially this was to try and capture some sunrise images over Stannage edge or Froggart edge which would have made a 2.30am start to get there in time. Since I would be getting up before I was going to bed "almost" I have decided to go earlier and perhaps have a go at some painting with light techniques. I think I may have the ridge to myself.

I will not be neglecting the badgers either, and hope to get a trip to the sett this week. I'm ever hopeful that this misguided cull does not come to pass. I don't want to turn this into political rant but it does seem to me that as humans we think that the only way life will go on is if we get involved. I have news for us all. Life got along fine before we arrived and will no doubt carry on just as well when we're gone! The certainty that badgers are to blame has not been proven and there are also suggestions that deer carry the same thing. Perhaps we should cull the lot?

Anyway, I will also be taking a trip to Kirkby moor to have another go at adders and slow worms. There is also the possibility of damsel and dragonflies here as well, again weather dependant. This may have been a slightly later start, however, a colleague pointed out an old ruined abbey on the map close to woodhall spa, so an early start for some atmospheric landscapes as well.

Finally, I have begun my Diploma and I have to say I think it will be a challenge. I know that wildlife and landscapes may not be such a challenge but this course is forcing me to look at areas of photography that, shall we say, don't really float my boat. See image below! I obviously have a long way to go in this genre of photography!

More Later


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