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16th May 2010
Back to The Badgers (May 2010)

Well its come round to that time of year again and I have just paid my first visit to the sett. The paths and trails around the sett seem a little bit more overgrown this year and I can only assume this means that no-one has been down offering free supplies of peanuts yet.

The Badgers didn't appear until after nine today and I had moved from my original position down-wind of the sett to my more normal site, which turned out to be less favourable with regard to the breeze. A couple of badgers did appear briefly but after raising there noses to the air, and obviously catching my scent, proceeded to either disappear over the back of the sett or back down one of the numerous entrances.

So, no pictures where taken tonight and I had forgotten my own best advice and was subjected to the worst midge attack outside Scotland. Its amazing how after only a year you forget your own best advice!

I'm looking for some more unusual images this year and perhaps a little more interaction between individuals rather than the standard portrait shot. Unfortunately these decisions aren't down to me and I'm totally in the hands of the wildlife. One thing wildlife photography does teach you is perseverance!

Hopefully on my next update there should be some new images for the gallery, but for now one from last season, caught hunting down those peanuts. We have to be thankful they don't try to take them from your bird feeders, although it wouldn't surprise me.


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