Nature Diary - What to shoot in August

01st August 2009
Nature Diary - What to shoot in August

Plants and flowers - Many of our native flowers are coming to the end of their display during August but there are still a few to be found. Foxgloves can still be found and if venturing onto the high moors Heather can be at its most spectacular.

Mammals - Roe deer are coming to the end of their rutting season. Field signs include well trodden areas around trees and bushes as well as the bark stripped off from around 30cm above the ground. Remember if you find a site for Roe deer to approach from down wind of their position.

Macro - Damselflies and Dragonflies are still prominent at this time. Early starts are best as they can be found at rest and before they warm up can be approached and photographed more easily. Don’t neglect spiders - the wolf spider is ground dwelling and can be seen hunting on the ground and low vegetation by leaping out onto prey. If you have access to a moth trap August can also be a productive month.

Reptiles - I still need to improve my coverage of the Common Lizard, and if we get some reasonable weather I will be heading to my two best sites this month to try and catch sight of these basking. South facing banks are best and I find that old railway embankments can be a good place to look. When looking for these you must approach slowly and with gentle footfalls. You may at first hear a rustle in the undergrowth and see nothing. If this is the case stay completely still and the lizard will soon reappear.

Birds - If you haven’t yet developed a bird feeding station at home then this month is a good time to plan and begin to develop it. The sooner this is done then the more species of bird will have become accustomed to it when you want to take pictures as the autumn sets in.

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