New Lenses, Competitions and Testing Times!

26th June 2010

Well my Canon 100-400L zoom lens has finally arrived and I hope to be posting some new images taken with it shortly. You can find my first attempt, a black headed gull in flight in the recent gallery. Reasonably pleased with this effort, needed more space on the right for the bird to fly into but as it was the first time I’d handled the lens I’ll let myself off! I’m still hopeful of more badger images, news of this project later. Also want to get a trip to Bempton Cliffs in within the next couple of weeks and maybe Roe deer images as the rut starts in July.


I have also entered a couple of competitions. I would love to do more of this if I had the time but clients projects always come first, which is as it should be! I have an image entered at The Digital Camera Photographer of The Year competition. Please take the time to have a look and pass your comments and vote at:-

I have also entered the Sarcoma Trust Photography Competition.


I think as photographers we all go through periods where nothing seems to go as we would like. The badgers are being very difficult at the moment. My usual sett seems to have changed since last year. I am beginning to think that the entrance holes used last year have now been superseded by new tunnels dug further into the wood and under the trees. Last night had me tearing my hair out!

I had been in position since 7.00pm, the badgers finally began to make an appearance at 9.00pm. Their behaviour is different this year, they would normally emerge from tunnels almost directly in front of where I set up, now they seem to appear from out of the wood on the top of the ridge where there sett is. The youngsters as always spend ten minutes chasing around and annoying the adults who groom during this period. Peanuts had been placed in a trail leading towards where I wanted to take my images.

As soon as the badgers had appeared I began to hear faint music. There are footpaths all around this area and I assumed that someone was approaching with an old style ghetto blaster. The music seemed to fade and then get louder. “Dance Dance wherever you may be…. “ Folk music? The Badgers didn’t move off but they where definitely on edge. After a while I came to the conclusion that one of the nearby villages must be having some sort of Fete and the wind was carrying the music to me from about a mile away.

Finally the badgers began to move towards the peanuts I had laid down. Sitting and waiting may not sound like hard work, but after keeping the same position for two hours I was really beginning to ache. I got ready to press the shutter, and then loud voices on the path through the wood. Two blokes walked across the bridge, one spotted me and said, “Oh he must be here for the badgers”. What badgers? They had gone.

I couldn’t believe it! I had walked through this wood in the middle of the day hundreds of times and hardly ever saw anyone. At this time of night the only people you bumped into where other photographers being as quite as you. I decided to call it a night, thinking that the badgers where now safely ensconced in their sett with peanuts stuffed in their ears to cut out the terrible music!!

I hope for better fortune next month, but that’s the reward of photography, you never know when that stunning image is going to come.

Will My Luck Turn!!

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