1-2-1 Macro Photography


1-2-1 Macro Photography


If you have an interest in getting closer to the mini-beasts and plants that are all around us this course is for you. If you have a lens with macro capability spend a morning or afternoon with me not only developing your camera skills but knowing your subjects and developing your field craft to get you in position for those stunning images.

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I have spent many years photographing wildlife both big and small and would love to pass on the skills I have honed over this period to you. As well as placing highly in international competitions I also supply stock libraries and wildlife trusts with my imagery.

You will need a digital SLR with a lens capable of macro shooting. Ideally a dedicated macro lens is ideal as these give true 1:1 images, however a lens listed as having a macro function can also be used. The brand of camera or lens does not matter, I have had experience of most brands over the years both personally and from working with other people.

The course will take place on one of the sites I use in the Nottinghamshire area. This will be chosen after consideration of your location, the time of year and the weather conditions. Occasionally I may contact you to change a date if the weather is too poor for macro photography but this is rare. We will meet on site and cover the following topics.

Basic Camera Setup

Initially I will get you started with a camera setup that is best suited for macro photography. From here we can then move on to change settings dependent on subject and the affect you are trying to achieve.


I generally start with plant/flower photography as these allow us the time to set up precisely and spend our time looking at how changing the settings affects the image. It also gives you the time to work on composition etc.

We will then move onto some more challenging subjects such as insects. I will demonstrate the field craft I use to approach certain species and why through experience I have adopted these methods. We will also explore your motivation for taking the image and how this affects the look of the image you are taking. Stock photography images in general are very different to an image you may want to hang on your wall.

Whats Included?

The course is four hours of personal tuition from me. We may have a fifteen minute break during the session. If there are parking fees on my chosen site these are covered in the course fee. I am flexible on the start time of the course as i know from experience over the years that some clients prefer earlier or later start times but generally a course would run from 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm. The cost for the session is £65 and there is nothing else to pay.

Please use the link ABOVE to book onto the course. All available days will be listed. Alternatively if you require further information you can contact me with any questions from the website contact form or direct at scotttilley6@gmail.com