Landscape Photography Workshop in the Peak District


Landscape Photography Workshop in the Peak District


Join me for a days landscape photography in the peak district as part of a small workshop (maximum four participants.)

A full day dedicated to learning the fundamentals of landscape photography. If you have a digital SLR with a kit lens you can learn to take stunning landscape images that you would be happy to have printed on your wall. I will help you unleash the power of your camera and show you what is possible when you take control from the camera and place it in the hands of your own creativity.

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We will meet up on location in the Peak District. I will choose the location based on the weather conditions and the mobility of all the clients joining us for the day. I always prefer us to spend our time taking images rather than it becoming an endurance test. The peak district is fantastic because many locations are very accessible and you can often link several locations together.


Your Camera

I have experience of all camera manufacturers both from personal use and by working with other clients. Initially we will look at some common settings you will want to use as a starting point for a sharp, correctly exposed landscape image.

We will then move on to explore what you camera is capable of and how we can change settings to produce different affects (changes in shutter speed, aperture and depth of field etc)

The landscape Photography Guidelines

Often touted as “the Rules” these methods almost certainly guarantee an image that is pleasing to the eye. We will examine some of these guidelines and see how they apply in the landscape we are photographing. We will also look at when to break away from these guidelines.


This will often make or break a photograph as a mediocre scene can be transformed by the right light. We will look at the best light and what you can do when the light is poor.


Unlike some types of photography, wildlife is a good example, as you can do all the preparation in the world but if the animal doesn’t turn up you won’t get the shot. Landscape photography is not like this, after all the landscape is always going to be there and if the weather or light is poor you can often use different techniques to come away with a shot. We will examine these in detail.

Practical Learning at Your Speed

The day is designed around each client and their speed of learning. I will send a questionnaire out before the workshop, this enables me to get a good idea of where each participant is with regard to there photography skills. There is not a program to get through and I do not move on until I am sure you are all happy with the current topic. If we try to skim through a program and you only remember bits here and there it just leads to confusion. Far better to nail the basics and move on to more advanced techniques as you feel able.

Course Location


I use locations in the Derbyshire Peak District. This is an area I know very well having lived on the edge of it for many years. Because of this I know the well known and not so well known locations that can provide us with the ingredients to produce wonderful images at all times of the year.

What Equipment do I need?

You will need to bring a digital SLR camera and at least a kit lens. You will also need a tripod. That is all you really need but items such as filters (polariser, 6 or ten stop filter, etc) are useful but not essential. Full instruction and details of what to bring will be included on the questionnaire sent out a few weeks before the day.

When is the Workshop and what does it cost?

The Workshop will run on Saturday 12th October 2019 and costs £80 per person.

We will meet at 11am at a location in the Peak District (this is likely to be in the Hathersage area). The workshop will conclude after sunset 18:17. As the light is often fantastic in the blue hour if we have a good location and great light we will finish when we lose the light.

Please use the link BELOW to book onto the workshop. Alternatively if you require further information you can contact me with any questions from the website contact form or direct at