Nature Diary - What to Photograph in June

13th June 2009
June is a very busy month as far as wildlife and nature goes. If your not careful you can end up chasing after too many things and not managing to catch any of them to the standard you want. This list is by no means comprehensive but it does show what I hope to capture images of this month. Use it to give you a few ideas if your stuck!


Wildflowers are very prominent this month. Orchids in particular have begun to spring up in abundance if you go to the right place. If your not sure I would advise a bit of research on the web and a search of your local Wildlife Trust Site should give you some good pointers. There are a number of wildlife trust sites in Nottinghamshire where orchids can be seen. Kirton Wood has good numbers of Common Spotted Orchid in June.


A good month to shoot macro. Needless to say with flowers out, butterflies are also prominent. Don’t just look at the obvious however, woodlands and gardens will be awash with so-called minibeasts. Spiders, ladybirds, grasshoppers, hard-shelled beetles are all down in the undergrowth, in fact, it is possible to be kept busy all month just with the contents of your garden. Don’t neglect your night-time visitors either, my moth trap is now very busy, more images soon!


June is a month when lots of fledging takes place. You should be able to find youngsters being fed outside the nest by parents. Obviously long lenses are best as the welfare of the young should come first. It will give you the chance to capture behavioural shots as the young are fed. On a personal note, I hope to get up to Bempton Cliffs on the east coast to photograph sea birds at the massive colony there. Again, adults should be brooding or feeding young so expect lots of action.


I continue my project with the badgers this month. This should be the best month as we have the longest day coming up and they will need to feed while it’s still light. Again my advice would be to seek out the knowledge of your local expert, wildlife trust or badger group. They may even have a permanent hide and lead groups on specific nights.


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