Ready Made Meal Photography

20th October 2010
Made an attempt at photographing deer at Bradgate Park near leicester today, and I have to say the experience has certainly taught me something about myself and my photography. As I live in Nottinghamshire I was unaware that it was half term this week, the place was packed, don't get me wrong the deer don't mind but I've found that I do.

There where also many photographers there, a lot with professional kit like mine and some walking up to deer and taking pictures on there mobiles! I saw one stag with his females being staked out from three directions from photographers with big lenses.

I have to say now that I have no problem with photographers who take images like this, and I have to say that the guys and girls with long lenses where all showing the animals the respect they deserve, so no problems there.

I cut my visit short because I realised that for me that a good analogy for this type of photography is like buying a ready meal from the supermarket. Most of the work has been done, get their with decent light and the deer are there on the shelf, then its just a case of waiting to see if they do something interesting, and pressing the shutter.

This approach does nothing for me, where as going out into the countryside, looking for field signs and eventually after many hours work getting the image you want makes the image so much more. If I can use another analogy its like growing the food, making up the recipe then preparing and cooking the meal!

Anyway, enough of my gripes, I will be sticking to the sites I have developed myself in the future. The good images don't come along as often, but when they do they're all the sweeter for it!

Not a deer but a male kestrel who happened to cross my path. Not a great image because he was quite a distance away, but I do like the sunlight backlighting his feathers.


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