Remembering Why You Do It!

11th May 2011
I absolutely love wildlife photography. For me it is not just getting the picture its the research, the hunt and then occasionally the outstanding image. Sometimes, however, its all too easy to forget why we are doing something, and why we enjoy it. This can go for anything in life. Mark Cavendish, in a documentary about his life as a professional cyclist touched on this when he exclaimed, "I'm a professional bike rider, do you think I like sitting behind a teammate for five hours a day". His point is, that as a leisure rider you can go out today, or maybe tomorrow, you can go for ten miles or a hundred miles. As a professional you ride today, you ride tomorrow and you ride where the team wants you to ride.

As you become more professional with wildlife photography you can be in danger of doing exactly the same thing. Clients have requested this for a certain date, never mind the weathers rubbish and the normal site where you would take the image is no longer available, it has to be done for then. This might be the same for two, three or four other clients. You fear that the activity you love is just becoming a job, you might as well have stopped in your old 9 to 5 profession!

This has happened to me on a couple of occassions. Its really important to step back at these times and remind yourself how lucky you are to be doing what you love. The best way to do this I have found is to go out as a leisure photographer for a day again. Have nothing in particular in mind, just take the camera and see what you come up with. Its amazing how a day using this approach can result in some really creative work, and leave you invigorated for the work you have ahead.

So if you feel like working as a professional is dragging you down. Let it go for a day and remember why you picked up a camera in the first place!


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