Review Naneu Adventure K4L Backpack

08th June 2010
Review - Naneu K4L Adventure Camera Backpack


The K4L is a camera backpack designed with the serious photographer in mind, and has the classic two compartment design. The lower section is fully padded with customisable dividers to accommodate camera, lenses and accessories. The top section will hold clothing and lunch etc.

There is also the added bonus of a compartment running down the length of the back which will hold a 17” laptop. Additionally there are three accessory pockets, one located to the front and base and two on the wings of the main upper compartment.

A flap also folds down on the front to hold a tripod, if required. The legs drop into the pouch and then it is secured by two straps. This can be zipped away if not required. On the straps there is a small pouch that will hold a small water bottle, but is used to locate a rain cover should the need arise.

In Use

I had been looking for a new camera backpack for a while as my five year old Lowepro Trekker was showing its age and was bulging at the seams. Stepping up from this was a considerable investment and would take me well over the £100 pound barrier. I had studied backpacks from Lowepro, Tamrac and Kata and had narrowed my choice down to a couple. It was by chance that I went onto Premier Inks website and saw the Naneu range of bags. I had never heard of them, but after a bit of research and seeing their you tube video I was impressed enough to order the K4L top of the range bag. This has a retail price of £120 but is being sold for £82.

On arrival, the following day (thanks Premier Inks!) I was immediately impressed with the build quality and materials used. I have always been a Lowepro user and the bag matches their standards. My only concern with the bag was that I plan to purchase a Canon 100-400 L Lens, and this would use up a lot of the space in the camera compartment, however, as these lenses do come with their own padded lens bags, it is quite easy to accommodate it in the top section when I want to take it out.

The tripod fits very easily onto the back. It can feel loose when the top compartment of the bag is not full, however, I can assure you that it won’t go anywhere. With all this weight it feels heavy to lift, but once on you back this is distributed very well and on fastening the straps it becomes one of the most comfortable backpacks I’ve ever carried. So far, I have carried the bag for hikes of over eight miles and have had no problems.

Because of the advent of much larger memory cards I tend not to carry a laptop with me anymore, so the laptop section could be redundant for a lot of users, however, I have found that this is a great place to store my camo groundsheet folded into a square which doubles as camouflage and somewhere to get out of the rain.

Another feature of the bag is the double access into the camera section of the backpack. There is a zip on the front, and when unfastened , the top half of the bag tips backwards and you have access to the gear. You can also access this section through the top compartment as the bottom of this section is hinged and Velcro’d to allow you to lift it and gain access this way.

On first sight the garish orange of the camera compartment may be of-putting, however, in practice this does prevent you loosing lens caps in the bottom of the bag as they are easily distinguishable.

The pads and straps are very thick and are excellent at allowing air to flow between your back and the bag, so perspiration problems are less than with some other backpacks. Importantly for me it also has the second smaller strap that fastens across the chest. I always seem to loose the strap off my left shoulder but with this in place I have no problems.

There are numerous smaller sectioned areas in the front accessory pocket and I use this for memory cards, batteries and filters etc.


I suppose you can only judge a backpack like this after a long period of time, so maybe I should take a look in five years and see how it’s held up against my Lowepro. My initial impressions however are of a backpack that has the same build quality as a Lowepro. It is very adaptable, and gives me the flexibility of carrying all camera gear, or camera plus enough gear for a day hike. The last point for me is price. I don’t believe that at the moment I could have purchased a backpack with these features from one of the main manufacturers for less than £150.

Am I happy with it, yes! Would I recommend it to anyone else, an emphatic yes! If your still not convinced and to have a visual look at the features of this bag take a look at:-


Well I've been using this backpack for a number of months now, and I'm seriously impressed. It hasn't let me down once and has proven to be really hard wearing and at least a match for Lowepro in the quality department. I think if they csn continue to maintain this quality at this price level they would be hard to beat. A quality piece of kit and one I would highly recommend.


Photo comment By Harry Nagel: This review of the 4KL is a down to earth and practical appraisal by some one who uses the back pack. I have also read two other favourable reviews which come to the same conclusion and I have ordered a 4KL from Premier Inks.

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