A one day 1-to-1 course aimed at those who have a digital SLR or mirror-less camera and would like to get away from the Auto mode and open the creative door of the manual button.

  • Do you have a digital camera but have never taken it off the green auto mode?

  • Do you let the camera take all the creative control hoping that it will produce images like those in magazines or on the wall of coffee shops?

  • Would you love to get sharp images of your children or dog while they play but they always seem to come out blurred.

  • What about the wedding shots you see where the bride and groom stand out so well while the background has a lovely blurred effect?

  • It's become so frustrating that you don't even use the camera anymore but take snaps on your mobile phone?

If any of the above sound like you this 1-2-1 course is for you.

I can help you overcome all of these issues and get you using your expensive digital SLR to its full potential. I run the course in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland and South Yorkshire. from the comfort of your own home.

We will start the day with some theory with regard to photography in general and then some specifics of the camera you are using. (Please don't be intimidated by this. This is as much for me as you, as there are many different camera systems and all are slightly different and I need to familiarise myself with your camera to give you the best advice. Although this doesn't take long as I have personally used Canon, Nikon and now Sony systems)

To be honest it is my belief that you will pick up things much faster anyway if we are out actually using the camera and coming back with some wonderful images that you would be happy to display on your own wall.

Because I want to tailor the day to you there is a short questionnaire to complete before the course date. This allows me to know what you like to shoot, the image you aspire to create and some possible locations we can achieve this. Once booked on the course I will also do my own research of locations that you may not know in your area that we may also visit.

Because I get to spend a full day with you with no distractions and 90% of the time we will be on location I can also give you tips on other aspects of photography such as composition, lens selection and specialist techniques. I can also advise you on equipment upgrades, are they even needed? I have lost count of the number of clients who think they need to spend over a thousand pounds on a new lens to get the shot. In fact I can use myself as an example, I have one very expensive lens but I only use this 30% of the time. The rest is spent using old manual focus lenses bought for between twenty and fifty pounds.


WHat I'll Cover

  • Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO? What are they? What they do and how you use them together to create the image and effect you want

  • Your Lens. What do all those numbers mean and what the lens actually does.

  • How to focus the lens. For that perfect pin sharp shot front to back.

  • Camera Handling. How to hold you camera for a steady shot and when to reach for the tripod.

  • Light Metering and the Histogram. How using the histogram will enable you to get perfectly exposed images every time.

  • Getting creative. Helping you see the image before reaching for the camera with tips on composition, lens selection and creative effects.

Included in the day

  • 6 hours tuition. In your own home getting to grips with the camera and then out at various local locations learning to use the camera at your own pace.

  • My undivided attention. Remember the day is tailored to you and success for me only comes if we finish the course with you confident to stay in manual on your camera. I will have my kit on hand but this will generally be there to highlight potential bits of kit you may find useful. Unlike some photographers I am not there to bolster my own portfolio.

  • I'll never remember all this! Of course you won't and I wouldn't expect you too. I will provide you with a folder full of materials covering everything we covered on the day. This will be written in an easy to read format with as little technical Jargon as possible.

  • Telephone support. This may be unusual I know but if you have a question after the course don't be afraid to give me a ring and I can hopefully help.



I had a fantastic day, Scott was so knowledgeable and explained the camera controls that I had not dared to touch. I had the camera for over a year and had not moved from auto mode. I feel much more confident and my images have improved ten fold. The practical is a must and I picked up tips on composition as well as getting to be more comfortable with my camera." (Jo, Nottingham)


A fantastic day, it gave me such confidence I entered my first competition at the weekend! (Malc, Bawtry)

Book Online

To book onto my Beginners photography course you will need to have a DSLR or a Mirrorless camera and at least one lens. A tripod is useful but don't worry if you don't have one as I will bring a spare along for the day.

Full payment of £135 is required at the time of booking and can be made by PayPal or Debit/Credit Card

Please take a look at the form below to check my calendar and make your booking. During the booking process there is a short questionnaire to complete which will allow me to fully customise the day to your requirements.

Please feel free to contact me before you book onto the course.