Scott Tilley Photography - YouTube Channel

As I mentioned in the about page of my website, at the start of 2018 I opened my own Youtube Channel specifically dealing with all things Landscape Photography. I have found this to be a fun way to engage with other photographers and viewers. The Channel is only in its early stages but I try to produce a new video every week to ten days. Most of the videos run alongside shooting locations and are useful if other photographers are visiting that area of the country and are looking for potential locations to shoot. Mostly the videos are meant to be entertaining with some bits of useful information thrown in. As always I am always happy to receive comments either on Youtube or the website. If you want further information on a location than the video gives please contact me and if I can help I will.

This weeks video see's me coming down to normality after a fantastic week of photography in the far North West of Scotland. I shoot locally and try to get some interesting sots from around Newark Castle and the river Trent area.

The link to the video is below.